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Stephanie Soh_CBA Good Friday 2021_Low R

Every Easter, we produce 14 hours of special Easter programming for Newstalk ZB - 12 hours on Good Friday and 2 hours on Easter Sunday.


On Good Friday 2021, our team produced 12 hours of special programming for Newstalk ZB between 6am and 6pm. We broke it down into four three-hour talkback shows with a mix of tandem and solo hosts. 

6-9am: Peter Wolfkamp and Tash McGill

9am-12pm: Petra Bagust

12-3pm: Sam and Julia Bloore

3-6pm: Rev Frank Ritchie and Jax van Buuren

Sprinkled throughout the programming were 60-90 second pieces of production which we had written, recorded and mixed. We also ran a virtual easter egg hunt, with clues delivered every half hour. 


"I'd like to congratulate management on this afternoon Good Friday's session. I rarely listen to Newstalk ZB and found it almost incredible that a mainstream media station should be sensitive enough to acknowledge how important Good Friday is to so many throughout the world - and has been for over 2000 years - and to to feature such good guest commentators.Congratulations to the station - and thanks to those who produced this programme of real quality and historical accuracy."

"Oh. That is so good. I am always listening, day and some of night. Special days like Easter and Christmas are so interesting. I never feel lonely because all of you are such good company. Thanks so much." MM

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